I am Back…..Here is a rant from Pat Condell


I have the dragon beneath my blade. I already scan the horizon, looking for more dragons to fight.


The chant becomes a mantra, the mantra becomes a dull drone…

…then you don’t hear me at all anymore.

The battered spouse just waits for the beating to come. Caring so little for the person they would be saving, they neither run away nor stand and fight. The most that can be expected is that they will turn away from the punches and kicks. The fact of the matter is that many die waiting for a miracle.  I hope someone finds the courage to act while action is still possible.  Netanyahu this ones probably yours. Sorry.

Techinical difficulties

I am sorry for any inconcenience but I have run into some technical difficulties that are making internet use excruciatingly slow. About 1995 dial-up speed. Just opening a page can take (me, not you) a couple of minutes. I am however going to have these problems fixed by Thursday the thirteenth.  Keep an eye open,  I will continue to post as I can. The Jackhammerjohn roll-out has been delayed. I bet I can do at least as well as the entire U.S. government and fix da glich!

Let us Review the Record


Sometimes, the greatest rebuttal is the record. But please note the history of the pogram in Russia. A little treatise on the full blossom of socialism, “The Gulag Archipelago” describes how whole populations were starved in areas that central planners felt needed “pruned” for the betterment of the Soviet Union. Millions would die in these pograms but these would be thought as acceptable losses in the long run. It is interesting to note, that in his bold promise to destroy the coal industry, the obvious consequence to the workers who lost their jobs as a result of this deliberate pruning was not taken into consideration. Such an emotional distance from human suffering is characteristic of group mentality of the left. Whole populations are seen as acceptable losses for the long-run well being of the body politic as a whole. The beam scale tipped against the coal industry which was not a signifigant constituent and therefore could serve as a rally point for his eco-warrior constituent. He knew there was going to be blowback from his obvious lie about insurance potability. “But what you suckers going to do about it? You already voted it in as the law of the land!” It is very difficult to unlegislate a law once it is activated. Ever try take back an entitlement? Wanna draw back a bloody stump?
More to come in my next posting.!