Israeli intelligence reports hard evidence the Obama administration to an active part in fabricating the recent UN resolution condemning Israel for building settlements. Israel, a friend and ally of the U.S.

Obama, whose veto power at the U.N. could, should, and until his administration, would  have shielded the only democracy in the middle east from the condemnation of its enemies. Now the slip of a country, no greater in dimension than New Jersey, stands watch on the ramparts against an area of 350 million Arabs bent on Israel’s eradication.

PRAISE MUSLIMS,  BELITTLE AMERICA, BLAME THE JEWS….Obamas foreign policy.  But , of course, there is nothing foreign in the world when the world, not just the U.S., is your domain. Barak Hussein Obama,  was reared in several continent’s as a MUSLIM.  More cosmopolitan, than American, the POTUS is a product of  anti-colonial cultures, from all over the world.  Obama came to define America as an imperial bully that took advantage of  the poor little third world.

The U.S. economy has been deliberately hobbled through his “stimulus package”, we are now funding several terrorist organizations as we launder billions of bucks through our ransom deal with Iran, (a well known money- tree for terrorist organizations).One wonders why we have no photos of POTUS bowing to  a European. Hmmmm?  And why did he return the Bust of Winston Churchill?  Why did he choose to back the rioters I the Ferguson fiasco by telling them to not lose heart and “stay the course”. You could drive yourself nuts trying to figure out why there has been so little reaction, (in particular by the Mainstream Media). But you have to consider the generation of child/adults that never learned that they cant get what they want whenever they That they have to work to get what they want. That sometimes you don’t win. Sometimes you have to accept losing. Sometimes you can’t get what you want by just demanding it. Loyalty is the first loss in the mind of the spoiled. “What have you done for me lately?”

And thus it was when the most dastardly act of betrayal, Obamas machination of the lynching of Israel in the last security council unfolded before the eyes of the world, damning Israel and aligning himself with the phalanxs of Islam, ready to push Israel into the sea. Thus the wailing wall will fall into the possession of the Arabs. The remnants of a culture that occupied the space for three millennium would lose access to their most cherished artifact. Our soul mate and ally since its birth in ’48,  modern Israel was stabbed in the back by Obamas abstention in the last star chamber “kill the Jews”  UN resolution over settlements on the Golan heights. Our veto has always been the shield against harm in these kangaroo courts. Under Obamas watch, Israel has been put in existential jeapordy. Maybe not today, but definitely someday. History has taken a turn,,,,,for the worse.

After his backing of the Muslim Brothrhood in the Arab Spring of Egypt, to his disasterous destruction of Benghazi,   I think I would advise cauton in any further foreign relation adventures..