Biden takes a knee

Birds of a Feather: Joe Biden, Democrats, and the Rioting MobTry-outs for the DNC’s  rendition of the Soros off=broadway production  of “Joe takes a Knee!! An electrifying propaganda of dancing singing and smelling girls hair when their not looking.  JOE BIDEN, NANCY PELOSI and her democrat chums are working on putting together a musical incorporating the knee drop salute on planet Pudendum  “Where SELF- flatulating is FUN!!!”

Nancy Pelosi called out for 'not caring about the African part of African-American' - YouTube




First there is the brave stand taken. Then there is the courage to stand your ground when your stand is challenged. Then there is the wisdom that comes when you must live with condemnation. The NBA’s Johnathon Isaac took a stand and stood by his beliefs when cow-towing to the popular crap slingers would have been easier. Kudos to a real man. This country needs more like jonathan.