Pol Pot didn’t worry too much about ruining anyone’s business when he emptied the cities of  Cambodia back in ’75.  Between 2.5 and 5 million souls perished at the transition from a free market to a forced agrarian ‘paradise’.  The other despot who called himself the Soviet with the sexiest set of Autonomous Collectives you ever saw, Joseph “Fuzzy Buns” Stalin deliberately starved millions to death during “adjustments” to the socio-economic condition of the USSR in Pogroms designed to eliminate large swaths of population.

To make an omelet you gotta break some eggs. Socialists always take a rather pragmatic  attitude towards such massacres of the general public. They know there  must be some discomfort when you are replacing one social system with another.

The new aristocracy will be govt. insiders, (right now the Obama admin. is buying Starbucks Lattes for fed employees) , WHO ARE UNFIREABLE, and paid much more than the  prevailing  wages for the general public.

You can’t expect happy, affluent people to voluntarily live at the economic level of a welfare queen. The economy must shrink to accommodate  the welfare state that Obama imagines. So when he does something that hurts the economy, it isn’t ignorance or incompetence, it’s part of the plan. Damaging the free market system is a deliberate tactic for Obama. He knows democrats can’t get as many votes from successful, affluent people. It’s more the marrier when it comes to his base.Giving amnesty to a large group of illegals who will work for peanuts and injecting them into an economy that is aready faltering, will serve to bump legal American workers out of contention for low or no skilled jobs. OOPS!

A tepid economy and a lot of people in a dependency relationship with the government is the godhead. All is good, when you fatten the hood…with taxpayer money, honey. Santabama has a pen, a phone, and a rather mysterious omnipotence. Query: If our system is one of checks and balnces, how can Obama do whatever he wants without fear of interference from others?  HUH?

Obamas amnesty will provide more loyal Democrat voters and further weaken the economy. It’s a perfect decision. For the Democratic party and commensurately, Barak Obama . And no one else.




Well, you got it all. You definitely got what you prayed for. Black top cop, (Atty. Gen. Eric Holder), Black President of the United States of America, (You know who), Clinton’s welfare reform carved up, etc., etc., and you still don’t have a job.   You wonder who he is lying to when he says things are getting better. Well maybe he is lying to everybody. Or maybe he is just lying to himself. It is definitely heartening to see that some who are waking up on the Democratic plantation don’t like it. I am thankful that this group of men have the courage to admit they have been duped. The snake oil salesman is disappearing in the distance and you just got the shits (from the snake oil he just sold you).


The histrionic whine that threaded its way through the crazed din of the katy-dids meant the Democrats were squaring off for rutting season.  It s a couple weeks to the mid term and the hand writing is definitely on the wall. The Dems are getting desperate and are imagining the GOP in their soup. They have even gone so far as to blame the Ebola outbreak on the GOP!