A VIEW FROM THE ‘MAJIC THEATER’ Where the only admission is your soul.


It is that sense a that this individual, (in this instance Anderson Cooper) regardless of his/her vaulted status or various achievements of note, was raised with a value system that had nothing in common with my own. The loss of the boundaries between adult and child, between parent and son or daughter points to more than one generation that has been a product of the experimental ethos of social engineering of the past few decades. What kind of nuclear family produces a son who is soooo comfy talking about ole’ mom getting a good tongue lashing from whomever “Oh my God I….I can’t ….cant catch my ….”Shit I’ll get it. Wheres a rag? and maybe some Mr. Clean?”
Lil’ Debbie said, “What is that mac and cheese?” Her blond wisps of eyebrows knit together in precious consternation. “What are the little green chunks?”