Fate of the Forgotten

The fate of the Jazidi sex slaves is an unknown. Thousands have disappeared and many have been executed. Meanwhile cases of ISIS brides who want repatriation is receiving the great attention main stream media is shoveling on them. When interviewed the ISIS, brides show not a dram of remorse, and in fact they helped guard the Yazidi rape slaves when the men weren’t around… Where OH! Where are the female activists who should be screaming for world wide attention to the fate of these forgotten women?

Where is the accountbitiy. Will there be another Nuremburg trials. Or will the nightmares of gang rapes as early as age 6  be pushed back into the shadows. Will the children ripped from their mothers arms and groomed for use by ISIS fighters be rescued or avenged. Or will they be exhumed as the mass graves are beginning to be discovered and uncovered by U.S. – backed coalition forces.