Just Don’t Think About It

The Geysers in Yellowstone National Park are erupting erratically. In particular, the Geyser called steamboat is erupting quite frequently. It s usual pattern of eruption is “Erupt, then a long period of quiescence.” ….. repeat.  This would be a bit of non-news if it went for the fact the Yellowstone basin is actually a huge caldera that is past schedule for a big pop. To put it in perspective one must stand next to the lake at the floor of the basin and look east then west. The mountain ranges you see on the horizon are the walls of the caldera. This volcano is a BIG mamajama!

This single volcano, erupting in various places now noted as Geysers, “Old Faithfull etc”.) will erupt with enough power to destroy most animal life in North America.

KLIKDAPIK        Just one of many small thermal demonstrations.