100_2028 To Whom it may concern

I am sorry about my unannounced absence for the past few weeks/months. suffice it to say that some unexpected catastrophes led to yours truly and spouse (Deb) being cast into the void. We have had no permanent address for the past six months.  I have been “off the grid”.  Privation serves to clear the board and reveal the basic personality. When all things are taken away you can prioritize your life quite easily. And of all the things I have lost I miss this, this thread-thin line into the great “collective conscience” most of all. This is my affirmation of life, it is my connection with the voice that urges me to reveal a greater truth. I see too many people raised in a fools paradise of modern American culture.

In anything it is wise to step back and take stock once in a while. I have learned and prevailed in the past months. More, Deb and I have thrashed herculean tasks with aplomb and a wink at each other, while the summer wind blew through our hair, and the stars twinkled  above our dash into the night, I have again rediscovered the value of a loyal partner.  In spite of the morass into which our lives have been tossed,we have done right by each other and those in our lives.

I am alive. I love and am loved. That is the most any soul can hope for. And with marriage on the ropes, the American family in decline, the work ethic devalued and dependence on government trending, we have emerged on the other side this bitter gauntlet victorious. We are still together. will still are bound by love.


We are winners.


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