Crisis of Whiteness…….Unimaginable Carnage?

The gentleman pictured below is the Honorable Eddie Glaude. Eddie is a Professor……with Princeton University………an “Ivy League” University. Only the smartest of the smartest smarty-pants get to be professors at Princeton. At least that’s what I have been led to believe for 63 years.

  Glaude, In response to the massacre of  fifty Muslims in New Zealand by a White supremacist, asserts,  “The crisis in whiteness……has generated unimaginable  carnage.”

This gentleman teaches at one of Americas premier academic institutions. Every day, gaggles of doe-eyed youth look up to this gentleman as their mentor, intellectual guide, and spiritual Guru.

Is this the best we can do?



The Artifact


Robert E. Lee was a good general. The best tactician the south had and possibly the best General of the civil war. But his quest, if he had won the war, was one that would prolong the putrid practice of slavery in America.

How do you address a man, trained by Americas premier military school, (West Point), climbed through the ranks to a become venerated officer. How do you address a man who turns on the government that bore him, nurtured him to manhood and provided him a life and career who turns on that country? This man raised an Army, and declared war on his country of origin. Is he a traitor? Is he a rebel? Is he a terrorist?

Robert E. Lee is the insurrectionist, pictured above. This icon, this hunk of junk, was the seed from which spurred the deadly drive through a crowed of protesters that injured many and killed a innocent young woman. This tribute to slavery was the point of coalescence for both white supremacist and anti-white supremacist groups that clashed upon the occasion of it’s removal from public ground. It would best be suited for a museum dedicated to the dark days that killed over a half million Americans. Not a place of public reverence!. It would be nice if the statue be presented in a hole. A position where observers never look up at the “historical artifact” but always down. He is neither a founding father, or war hero. He is a representative of the sick pride that speaks to those who are still fighting the civil war. Guess what my dear white supremacists,……….YOU LOST! GET OVER IT!  AND JOIN THE UNITED STATES.