I think It’s Something Toxic in the Hats

Don’t worry about the clown in the cowboy hat,  ( D Rep  Frederica Wilson) and other garish accessories. Worry about the fact that she got enough votes to gain a position of power. If America was any more  evolved than   a day care play room this bafffoon would  not get much more than a nanosecond of air time.

Some times, when you listen in on a  private call then use it for personal political agrandisment…..it backfires.


Whoring for a Gotchya!!


POTUS has been skinned by a histrionic cow-girl in shellacked and sequined cowboy hats and sundry sequined outfits for doing what? For doing the right thing!. A phone call to a Gold Star Family expressing condolences. There is no way to beguile the pain of such loss the right way. No one  can succeed at making the immeasurable pain of losing a loved one go away. You do the best you can an accept there is nothing you can do to fix it. You can express your sympathy and not much more. But that simple truth seems lost on the info monger who are taffy-pulling this story out the door and down the block. But you can sigh, take a reflective moment, feel for the family then move on. Unless, of course, you have an ax to grind and the sensitivity of a pimp like our midnight cowgirl, Dem. Frederica Wilson.