The Nativity Brigade

I can imagine a precious little nativity scene on a flat-bead trailer dragged by a pick-up truck, zooming up , setting up until the local constablury makes a couple of passes, then throwing the lambs back behind the crib and the whole rig roaring off before they can be gigged by the coppers. What to call it? How about, “The Baby Jesus Brigade”! Lone Ranger-type masks could be provided.

CUTE premise, but the reality that subsumes the story is grim. We are a Christian country by the numbers. Sorry world, and the lefties snoozing in our guest planet,  but America has been bilt on Judeo-Christian principles. If any are unconvinced let them abandon those principles and see what grows.

It could be  successfully argued that we are now witnessing what grows. One thing is the forced restraint of expressions of Christian faith.  compelling actions like those of my fantasy brigade of Nativity placement.. Soon it will come to services held in caves like  in Egypt, where there are bans on the building of Churches or like ancient Rome where charnel houses pulled duty as places of worship for a population of Christians who would be killed upon revelation of their Christianity.

A Nativity scene.

As we watch the slow metamorphosis of our Christian heritage change into WHATEVER, when is moment when we say no, it has gone on long enough. The probable answer is that the moment will never come. Such is the evolution of a society who has lost its way and lost sight of its basic foundational principles.

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