A matter of intelligence. It is a simple matter. If I were to tell you that refugees of the holocaust were welcomed with arms outstretched  by the Palestinians.  Palestinians who gave them some warm milk, tucked them in and sang a lullaby when they hit the shores of Israel trying to escape the NAZI genocide of their people. Congress-shrew Rashida TIlaib says they were rescued by Palestinians and made to feel warm and fuzzy as they descended the gangway from ship to the shores of north Africa. A five minute fact check will tell you that the locals had been acting against the Jewish population that had been trickling into the area since the turn of the last century. Anyone with higher  brain function knows that three Arab armies went after Israels throat almost immediately upon the establishment of the area of Israel. Rashid is either ignorant of the history of the area that is now Israel, or she commonly relies upon the ignorance of the public when spouting such warm and fuzzy drivel as truth, with the hope that everyone  is too lazy to check the facts of what she is spouting.

Rashida Tlaib Begs To Enter Israel, Then Rejects Invitation

Ultimately Israel has the right to bar entry to anyone they chose. And Ms. Tlaib, quite an open anti-Semite,  and vocal barker for the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement foots  the bill in the undesirable category. The destruction of Israel is the bottom line for BDS. And it would benefit Americans in understanding of all of Israel’s decisions to step into the shoes of an Israeli citizen in Israel. How many Americans have had rockets packed full of high explosives landing randomly around their home town?  How many seconds away from the nearest bomb shelter is a question an American may have said in 1961 when nuclear war was a breath away.   But now. How many American generations have come to majority with no existential threat to their lives or way of life?  There is iron in the words and action  of a city under siege. When every decision must be weighed in terms of the life and death of your country and way of life? No doubt, Israel is under siege. In a larger sense, she is under siege on our behalf. On behalf of all western culture,  Israel, the only democracy in the middle east, stands on the rampart, keeping watch for us. She is our “canary in the coalmine”, and hopefully it will not be her death that warns us of danger.

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