This is a PKK soldier, working for the Kurds fighting ISIS. The Kurds and the PKK enjoy the fact that many of the enema believe they will so shamed by being killed by a woman that they will not get to go to heaven and get 27 virgins.  The fighters, having fought as insurrectionists in northern Turkey, appear to be the “real thing”. The odds of catching a bullet or RPG round are about equal for males and females. The possible consequences of capture are quite another matter.

The Muslim culture distrusts females.  Behavioral controls, aimed at depriving the female of an identity in society as well as power in the culture  speak to the deep-seated fear of the females  at a basic, essential level of the  Male Muslim  psyche. They are the most suppressed people in Islam. Yet virginal women are the  ultimate prize for fighting the fight and sacrificing self: Death = getting laid. Let us savor the succulent depth of psychopathology: .Death = success . Let us walk the great halls of truly confused sexual identity by fixing on this:  Death = Manhood. So what do you think will happen when a Muslim male takes a female prisoner in battle. Will the rules of the Geneva Convention be upheld by a male who thinks rape is a just punishment for  a female who dares to leave the house alone?

This bloggster is all for the  female fighters. They have so much at stake. And there is poetic justice in women killing Jihadies. I can’t get behind the average PKK’s politics, (extreme lefties) but on a personal level I am quite proud of them. They are getting payback for the countless women who are now and have been in the past, trapped in this toxic misogynist paradise.   ————————————————————                    


  If you want to give a movie greater emotional impact, and more gravitas to an American audience, throw in some Christian symbolism and references to biblical assertions. Anyone raised in a Christian culture will respond with a sense of spiritual fascination. Wether you are a Asuza  Street Mission Christian or  militant atheist, these symbols ignite the imagination in ways and at emotional depths that are primal and essential.  Such is the potency of the cultural crib. Paranoid schizophrenics  more often than not, weave biblical imagery and beliefs into their confused vision of the world. Religion runs deep, deeper than the average secular apostate will ever admit.

With this in mind, can any devout Muslim be truly moderate?   A large percentage of my family  are Muslim. I have known, broken bread, and even lived with them during the last 35 years or so. I know them. One is my sandy-haired blue-eyed sister.  Of late, their wing of the family has broken ties with us. They have cloistered themselves from the influence of the west.  Some of this in reaction to the secularization of the younger generation. And I believe, for the most part as a evolutionary mind-set and reaction to the perennial increase in terrorism. The moderate Muslim is rare, and  will appear quite singular. This is because he will not behave or believe as do other Muslims.   He is  not considered a good Muslim by other Muslims.

A devout Muslim may not openly support Jihadi behavior, but to a man they will say that they can “understand” why they do what they do.    Religion runs deep. You can never say with certainty that a person will never have a religious revival in the shadows of their closet. At least, don’t bet civilization on it.


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