Some of the states are taking action to slip the EPA’s punch’s as Obama tries to fulfill his campaign promise to destroy our Coal industry. Not restructure, streamline, modify or salvage. Destroy. Obama, like any Alpha Alinski-ite has shed the weak rainments of compassion when it comes to the transformation of America to a republic of Autonomous Collectives.

I find that, I, like many Americans, used to wonder at Obama’s actions. I would say “How can he do that? Doesn’t he know it’s bad for the country!” But eventually it dawned on the Hammers little brain that the answer is yes, he does know that he is destroying the economic superstructure of the present system. He doesn’t care if it hurts a capitalist economy that he wants to shed. So forget the idea that he has anything good in mind for us. He wants to reduce our power in the world. He will work to establish a relationship with those who are our enemies. They are not the “New America’s” enemies. He will work to lower the peak incomes and essentially lower the US standard of life.

The new America will not allow too much success. Too much success means too many losers. Spiritually, Obama belongs on another shore, a native in an ex-colonial world, waiting for the day that the great occupier will be humbled. So hold on America, We may have been “rocking’ down the highway before. But now we are in a deliberately contrived demolition derby, racing to mediocrity.


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