The Self-Crucifixion of the West

England,  Americas BFF, has chosen some strange bedfellows over the years. The Brits would do well to remember PM Chamberlains  victorious announcement of “Peace in our time!” after having dickered with Hitler and essentially ‘given away the store.’ in a attempt to appease the  Nazi dictator. It didn’t work and we got WW2 as a door prize to the 300,000  pulled off the beaches of Dunkirk a couple of years later.  It would be wise for our Brit cousins to remember the price of  trading sovereignty for peace.  The linked article is hard to believe. It describes the rejection of an asylum seeker because Christianity is NOT a religion of peace.  One wonders the religious bent of the bureaucrat who made the call on this asylum seeker, an Iranian who claims that he is in existential threat after having converted from Islam to Christianity.  He is at risk. Sharia, the legal code of Islam, makes apostasy a death sentence. Why Britain would be Sharia compliant is a mystery. It seems like the Brits are committing a slow cultural suicide.




Could it be a strange form of survivors guilt that drives this self loathing that is surfacing as appeasement of the openly aggressive  Islam? Can the west gain redemption by closing it’s eyes to a vicious belief system which is dedicated to the destruction and replacement of western culture. Read the linked article concerning the rejection of a religious convert trying to gain asylum from a regime that openly persecutes converts. Remember a convert to one is an apostate to another. 



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