Whether it is apologizing to every cheep-shot nabob in the middle east, backing the Muslim Brohood in the Egyption (oops buyers remorse) debacle, or arming some really bad guys in the Libyan apocalypse, the Obama administration shows a positive genius  in picking anti-American terrorists to side with. In recent months collusion throughout the FBI and the Department of Justice have been exposed as both institutions connived to carry water for the administration.



Since the  Muslim  Exodus from the middle-east, to any and all cultures that are not Muslim, this administration has opened the door and closed it’s eyes while   a toxic diaspora of  masses yearning to not getting shot, beheaded, or burned alive in their own country move to the great American neighborhood (with a smattering of terrorists to liven things up.)  Ya know, the great satan, America!

For the future health and well-being of the democratic party, it doesn’t matter what kind of character these immigrants have as long as they  weaken the traditional American culture with contradictory beliefs…..  and vote Democrat.

Obama is a cosmopolitan, a “man of the world”. He believes he was anointed to change the world entire, not just that old bully-boy, the USA. But for a complete transformation of the world, America must be redefined as too weak to influence the course of world events. So burden the systm even though it ciphons away our treasure. Let the troubled third world across the line, Jihadists and all. Feed, house and educate their children while simultaniosly destroying existing infrastructure. The coal industry must go!  The pipeline that would give America cheap fuel and total energy independence must go!  Etc., etc., and etc. The rich should be fleeced of their extra cash through taxes that serve to dampen the economy. So poof, there go some more manufacturing industries, off to Mexico! Eventually, when there is a huge, well entrenched dependent class of third world transplants it will be time to pay the piper and keep the progressive movement well fed on votes.

 It seems that everything the POTUS contrives, weakens the basic traditions and laws of this country. Sometimes I feel like I am going mad trying figure out why.   “Gotta break some eggs if your making an omlette”!   Obama does not desire a stronger America.  He wants just the opposite. He wants to hobble this unruly country and share-out our power around the world. He wants to weaken what used to be the exceptional spirit of the U.S. and have the it  takes its place one us “one among many”.


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