Death from Within




When I found out that one of my daughters was romantically  involved  with an illegal alien I was upset.  I clutched so tight, if you  shoved a piece of coal up my butt  I could crap diamonds!

This was about thirteen years ago. Since then he has learned English, finished high school, found a job that pays very well, bought a town house marry my daughter had two children. He has made himself known to the government, gone through this quasi-grandfathering thing under Obamas administration. When he was thirteen his mom put him an a bus when and sent him over the Mex/Tex border.

With just as much as he could carry with him he made a life and is making good on the American dream. He is, in many ways, a better citizen than I.

My son-in-law  has been looking over his shoulder for over a decade. Why is it then, that if your Syrian, coming from the hornets nest  strife and terrorists of the middle east, Obama just waves you on through and you are on the dole and taken care of  most ricky tik . Of all the nations of the Earth and all those working hard to gain citizenship here,  the long, hard way; why have these immigrants been pushed to the head of the line?

WHAT are Obamas’ motives in this strange inequity? 




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