Nuclear Annihilation in Unicorn land

The Iranians are working on becoming nuclear, test firing quasi-ICBM missles, dancing in the streets to a chorus of “Death to America!” And “We will wipe Israel from the face of the earth!” They shout! They leap like crazed loons! They flagellate themselves till their backs yield buckets of blood!

 America has cut a deal.

We are trusting a group of people who believe their reward for killing enough people  is…….THEY GET LAID! They believe they will get to go to heaven and get screwed by several ‘Screw Angels’.  IF they kill enough non-Muslims!  And let me tell you, For your average Muz, with the  social skills of a  rabid badger on meth…., martyrdom is  the ONLY way they are going to score with anybody.

I think the first nuke will be detonated at or near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Right after Tel Aviv.

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