Operation Eagle Claw 2.0

Comin’ along great boys. Next year we’ll take the rubber tips off the arrows! The Obama administration, rushing to the aid of somebody (we can’t figure out who the good guys are), are shown the proper technique for surrendering.

Half a billion dollars spent on training Syrian rebels a year later and……four or five rebels are on the ground itchin’ fer action!

Five hundred million spent and  the trainees trained to fight ISIS and they admit they would rather shoot at Assad than ISIS.

Half a billion gone.

No observable progress in doing whatever we were going to do.  Of course victory was never mentioned So it must be that we are now engaging In vigorous crop-dusting  in the desert.   Its a lot like the helicopter rides Obama’s godfather Jimmy Carter provided for our military during the ‘hostage crisis’ of ’79. Klikdapikslik

I guess we are the people who failed to learn from history. For it seems we have repeated it. Court disaster and eventually you’ll get what you want.

Half a

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