Scapegoats are forever so unhappy with the very important job of:

  1. Taking the heat when the jig is up.
  2. Distracting the public away from the real problem.
  3. Saving everyone else’s carreer.

graciously bestowed upon them by their former cohorts.  Now former CIA Director Michael Hayden is the favorite “running-dog-lackey” of every Democrat Commissar in the big marble building, *(ya’  know, “The Big House”). House speaker Nancy Pelosi  led the initial chorus of “enhanced interrogation” condemnation some years ago. Silly thing denied being informed of the activities in question. It stuck. For about ten seconds.  Someone looked at the record of the meetings she had indeed attended.

The exculpatory factor is the unabated continuation of the program after Pelosi and other members were informed in Sept. 2002.

The sparks fly today at the CIA’s disclosure of heretofore classified material. Harsh predictions of  global condemnation and terrorists, roused from some torpor, killing Americans.  ISIS needs a muse to inspire them to do bad things? I think not. ISIS does bad things because a weak world lets them.

The “breaking news” attitude should be shelved The news, in  essence, is old. The real damage is done just in the act of allowing hyper-emotional do-gooder grandstanding to influence the proper, professional and effective execution of the CIA mission.



I resurrected a Stephen Crowder Vid on Pelosi and  waterboarding that is informative of the time and funny too. Please enjoy.


*When it comes to punctuation I would rather be clear and effective than correct


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