Vlad! Where Art Thou Sweet Impaler, Oh! Champion of Christendom!


Where is the Saint, “Vllad the Impaler”,  when we need him?   He was the gate keeper of the Balkan’s back door to eastern Europe back in the day.  The Ottomans lay past the jagged Carpathians, east to the arid high plains of Turkey. And here at the confluence of east and west, Muslim armies launched countless incursions east.  He was the man who stood in harms way when Sultam Mehmet II, (circa 15th century) tried to invade eastrn Europe thru Transylvania.  He turned his mighty army back to Constantinople at the sight of as many as twenty thousand bodies, lining the Danube shish-k-bobbed and planted as a warning.


IT APPEARED AS A DARK SWATH  FROM THE  EASTERN HORIZEN, BLOCKING OUT THE SUN.  THEN THE HISS BEGAN….. as wave upon wave of immigrants swell European  welfare systems, and incite social unrest. Violence, is on the up-tic, disputes over “Sharia Zones”  and no-go zones for police are cropping up in countries with large Muslim immigrant populations.  As it stands, political and social unrest in Belgium, Denmark, France, et. al  is studded with ‘incidents’  like the Van Gogh stabbing November 2004 as well as various other Sharia inspired Honor killings, Jihadi mayhem,  misogyny and  ill sh-t  at all quarters.

This vid, kind of rough, but a good primary source, addresses the clash of the sixth century colliding with now. The civilized side is sick of it and finally found it’s voice. “Time to move on Mohammad! Don’t want ya round here no more!”

There ya go!




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