America? DECIDES SHE NEEDS BITCH SLAPPED THIS MORNING IIn the twisted psychology of a nation grown soft on the backs of its forbearers, we damn the struggle of our fathers.  Here we stand, our bare ass in the sun, feeling ashamed. Shame?  Yes, shame. Shame for our good fortune. Shame for our exceptional nation. And above all, shame for winning.  Now a gratuitous confession by the CIA. They are going to show us how the sausage is made. And it will probably cost America’s reputation and probably American lives. Like the Mystery of an adolescent girl cutting herself as an expression of unhappiness, we are dedicated to self loathing and self punishment, in some misguided bid for righteousness. We are a nation at odds with itself, and our glorious leader uses America as a whipping boy for the insults he really could have endured. If they had actually  happened to him. I mean it’s hard to say you came up from the mean streets if you have a degree from Harvard.

As a psychologist specializing in addiction, I have had the privilege of escorting many people from the depths of depravity to a life of sobriety. In many instances the drinking buddies or fellow tokers, shooters and guzzlers often try to drag the addict back into the ‘life’.  Simply put, losers hang with losers amd winners hang with…well, ya know.  Losers feel inferior to winners so they tend to outgroup “squares and tight asses”  as rotten and no fun at all.

So after we have reared a few genrations to be non-productive, self-centered brats, they begin to identify with the third world. They have no achievements, no dreams or goals past sharing out the flesh of a society quickly gearing down to become the more easily maintained as pups on the teat.  Winners are their beleaguered parents, and again, no damn fun.

So we gain our knees and lower heads to the beknighted masses beyond our borders,, begging forgiveness for the shame of being born of a nation of rotten , greedy, workaholic, achievers.  So we are traitors to loser land. Eager to lower ourselves to fall back into the ranks of the envious, others-blaming army of third world miscreants.

Being a loser is a lot easier. If I approve of winning I might have to strive. That takes effort. So vilify success and take a little nap with Sierra Leone and the boys. Rather lay fallow than be a wicked “one percenter”

 And regrettably, this beautiful anomaly called America has been left in the keeping of a faithless and ungrateful mob. Us. We are not ascending any more. Coasting downhill is easier.

The founding fathers are spinning like a weathervane in a tornado.. The CIA. Ya know, our ‘spies’,  are going to reveal our interrogation techniques to the world  latter today because…….there is nothing else happening on a Tuesday afternoon!


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