A common reaction by ‘moderate muslims’ I have contact with is “No way! I can’t condone such terrorist acts at all,…ever! “But I understand the reasons they have for doing such things.” Yeah, you caught it. The last statement. The equivocation. It says a lot if you reframe the situation a little: So here we go:..

A statement I may make:

I am not unusually violent by nature. I am far from being comfortable with killing. I remain strong and cognizant of my place in my world. And one on one I still can aquit myself well. But as far as defending the realm? I don’t have to worry. That’s what the Army and air force do. Ya know. So I don’t have to.

 For some (not all of course),Muslims  Al Qaida is their army and air force. They get radical so Mr. Moderate Muslim doesn’t have to.!

I am a moderate American. Even when I am looking at gun camera footage of little 37mm blossoms gobbling up the little running terrorists. Because the guy flying the Apache is doing my killing for me. And I, a moderate American, hope he is a really good killer.  GO! TEAM! 


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