A grain of Justice has been placed on the great beam scales of the cosmos. Egypt is beating the bushes for Muslim Brotherhood members, and supporters et. al.. They got a can of whoop-ass going stale and they got to use it baby. The ‘ole Grand Mufti is reviewing more death sentence cases for merit as we speak.  The  Egyptians showed sand in wresting the government from the Brotherhood. And it strikes a cord with me as  an American. It use to be that most Americans had a basic idea as to what America meant to them.  A nation reassessing it’s condition and reversing such a wrong speaks a to the clear identity the country has in the hearts of the Egyptian people.

Egypt  isn’t a historic backwater like Uganda or Somalia, Egypt has had standing in the world since the birth of civilization.  The cosmopolitan sense was inborn in the Egyptian people, birthed through many generations on the world stage. They aren’t going abdicate to a bunch of Trolls trying to kill the world back to the 7th century.


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