Palin Pummels POTUS..POW

Palin Pummels POTUS..POW

So Palin really thinks that she can get a government employee fired. Impeachment. The word carries a gravitas that gives pause. When such words surface, as with Ma and Pa Clinton back in the early 90’s, Republicans¬† can be destroyed. Impeachment of a standing president has never happened. Yes, Nixon left office, but it was a case of quitting before you’re fired. If the GOP raises the black flag on a president they had better have good traction and a deadly follow-thru or they will get shot in their own cross-fire. Palin, as a harbinger, brings a mixed bag of qualifiers and detractions to the moment of outing her wicked intent. She has a good political instinct but she presents in such a cornball fashion, trailer park Texas Drawl and all, ( and I know she is from Alaska. Don’t sweat it, how would it sound if I said she had a hound-dog Alaskan drawl?) that one is hard pressed to take her seriously.

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