I’ve removed a few warts and just wanted the world to see my new editorial nose job.


I have never seen the wanton abandonment of objectivity in reporting that this administration has enjoyed. People have died, no not just died, they have been murdered and still the press soft-sells or just ignores any negative reflection on their golden boy.
The  craggy visage of the tough reporter who cuts slack to o one is gone with the wind. It might be pure gall, or the wide eyed naiveté of a cult plebe.  . These useful idiots have morphed into simpering true believers. Chorteling sycophants to the Obama administration.
But like the simple paramecium, they don’t respond to anything that isn’t directy affecting them. Heat, light, or other noxious stimuli affect the paramecium. A consideration for events that affect others will have to wait for an evolutional leap..
Well the bloom is off the rose, and the press have been shoved into a corner for a long enough period to allow…

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