Why would Al Gore smile so big? If the end of the civilized world is nigh, why would a fella smirk? Because he thinks he has been proven right. And being right is more important than the future of the planet. Such are the dimensions of the egomaniacal politician. 

I( am rather cynical in my vision of climate change. I have been through too many “chicken little” episodes throughout the years. And one of the first things I learned about science in college is that paradigms are developed to fall. One hundred and 50 years ago Newtonian physics was the be all, end all in math theory. Then a rather dumpy little German Jew got tired of working at the patent office and he dedicated his efforts to studying physics. And thus Einsteinium physicals came to be. ……And Newton could take a nap.  


A good scientist is a serial-sacred-“cow murderer”. If he does not kill a cow, the scientist  has achieved nothing in his career. Paradigms must fall if science is to progress.

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