Planes that Aim

“The gun took aim and killed the sheriff.”  A high school newspaper would have pimply faced little editors who would catch such a obvious error. The line above is stating the gun took action and of it’s own volition, killed somebody.  The New York Times should have editors that can do better than…..”Eighteen years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the world trade center.”  Big event. An anniversary of that event. Thousands of people died. Many more were in attendance on the site to pay homage to the fallen innocents. So the NYT trivializes the whole affair by kneeling before the god of political correctness. Are there no grown-ups on the editorial staff of the times.  KLIKDAPIK  for more on the abandonment of critical thinking as the ‘Grey Lady’ dutifully puts on her aluminum hat.

See the source image

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