Playing Percentages

The POTUS is sitting pretty as polls offer a picture of party unity in response to his damning tweets concerning Ilhan Omar et al.,  and his suggestion they just leave the country (U.S.), that they apparently hate. Polls are confirming what most Americans already know. Most Republicans agree with his taunting of the Four “Nags of the apocalypse”.  For a look at the POLLS, KLIKDAPIK. below……
Remember the little incident in Somalia? You know, the little conflict a few of our military had with a little war lord who was seizing the food aid we were supplying Somalia famine victims.
Approximatly 300 thousand Somalians had perished of starvation when the events discussed in this vid as well as in the film “Black Hawk Down”. actually occurred.  Do you want to talk about selective outrage, and the death of rational thought? Over a quarter million dead, starved to death, at the hands of  fellow Somalians……and congresswoman Ilhan Omar asserts that WE are the evil intruders.

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