Jiyza! Why Didn’t I think of that!

Islam is not a religion as much as it is a framework for society. In the Muslim mind society is strictly stratified with Muslims at the top of the heap. Non-mulims are devided into two categories, if you expect to live in Muslim land and  you are not a Muslim, their religion says you have to pay a special tax called a Jiyza. Muslims don’t have to pay this tax. Another command set down by the Quoran is that Muslims must make the

Non-muslims,  are to made to “feel” their place. Muslims are instructed to disrespect Kuffir (pl.Kuffa) whenever they transact with them, so they will be made to   feel their subordinate position in society.

WELL! One Muslim migratnt found a way to suck off the host government and still uphold the tenets of Islam. KLIKDAPIK and read on, its a clever ploy).

See the source image

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