No it isn’t Maria , from “West Side Story.” she is Ocasio-Cortez, a brand new law maker in our nations capital Just oooozing with gravitas. Maybe she was oooooozing when she screeched at the border patrol and told them they told the detained illegals do drink toilet water,

  1. See the source image

Ocasio Cortez is screeching that migrant detainees are being told to drink toilet water. Many of the middle Americans are of limited worldly experience and something got lost in the translation. In order to utilize the limited space in the cells the plumbing for both toilet and sink are in the same encasement. Easy for the uninitiated to misinterpret in the confusion of becoming accustomed to a new environment. In arriving that is is standard activity for detainees to drink from the same stainless steel tower that houses both toilet and sink. I have used this arrangement while incarcerated and while I found it gross and of questionable sanitary safety…….I did anyway and lived.DailyMail.com showed the CBP official this photo from a 2016 federal court filing, which depicts toilets inside a Phoenix CBP holding facility; the official confirmed that the Texas facilities have the same fixtures – which deliver clean drinking water from faucets above every toilet

Just look at her effervescent joy at life  as she slithers down a dance pole legislating  LIKE A STUD AS THE SWISTED LIKE THE SERLPANT OF KNOWLEDGE THAT SHE IS, all the way to……. She is like the “town- crier” on LSD………. occasionally flipping out over dangers that are not there.

the floor.See the source image

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