The impact of Islam’s legal code, sharia,  is evidenced in a region of Indonesia where several individuals have recently been beaten for infidelity. The laws concerning personal behavior and legal consequences beckons to an age 1400 years ago, when a thief could have an arm severed tor stealing, or a woman beaten for appearing in public without her hijab on.

To the sensitivities of the modern mind such barbarous punishments may trigger a gag reflex.  But, as it is with an abusive spouses, forgiveness is seen as an open invitation to another beating. When the status of a gender is preached as inferior,  female genital mutilation and public beatings become commonplace public events.  A flock of Muslim magpies are pictured below.

MOB OF THESE COMING AT YOU AND……remember the television show “The Adams Family”? …….Cousin’ It…… is coming at you in flocks !


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