My Bad?

The  former acting director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe,  just revealed  conversations he and other FBI had concerning the 25th amendment being used to oust  the POTUS from office. However, the 25th does not apply to any act of treason or malfeasance and could not be used to harm this president.  It is obvious in the language of the Amendment. The 25th amendment was installed to deal with a president who, by physical or psychological disease cannot fulfill their duties as president.  Mcabe did, however, reveal that the idea of a coup d’état had become water cooler talk amoung he and his cohorts. It is rather disturbing that this man did not fear any consequences following this disclosure. Does it speak to the depth of his delusion that most Americans sing chorus behind him? Or is he just stupid. For this admission is in essence a confession of hatching a plot for a coup! I think it is just stupidity. A fifth grader can read the amendment and tell you it is reserved for debilitating physical or mental conditions that would make the execution of his duties as president impossible. But the director of the premier investigative organization, the Federal Bureau  of Investigation, could not get it right. STUPID!

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