Being Male is a Diagnosis?

The American Psychological Association, has decided that one of the genders is toxic to society. Men are toxic to society. Stoicism, competiveness, dominance and aggression are cited as undesirable “masculine” traits.

Stoicism? I guess the old adage of a man being “strong and silent” is what the APA is referring too. Is silence a trait?  Is the lack of verbal diarrhea a masculine trait?  Is the absence of shrill histrionics a masculine trait? If the disease is silence, how do you know what the mans motivation to be silent is? Cause he aint tellin ya’.  At first glance my father would be assumed to be strong and silent. In fact, his diagnosis would probably be dysthymia with frequent episodes of major depression. Some of my earliest memories were screaming tantrums of my mother and her occasional acts of violence toward my father, myself and whomever got within arms reach. No shrinking violets at my house! Accept my father, who seemed to keep shrinking until he finally, just disappeared.

Competiveness?  Not a defect.

Dominance?  Mothers don’t dominate?  Female grade school, middle school,  high school and college level instructors don’t hold dominion over males? Literally and traditionally, we are dominated by females from cradle on.

Aggression? We are aggressive toward those who pose the least threat to us. This is just common sense. You think twice if you think you may get your ass kicked. It is thus,… the boss, (yes even men have to kowtow to someone) chews ass. Retaliation will get you fired so you go home and shout at the spouse, the spouse chews on the kids and finally the kid kicks the dog. Both men and women attack those who pose the least threat. Men are more violent because evolutionally and traditionally these traits have been more beneficial than destructive. The wisdom of several hundred million years of evolution has born it essential that the hormone which most powerfully defines the male in every species with a spine, testosterone, promotes aggression. This is the both the beauty and bane of the masculine culture. The muscle mass and aggressive temperament of men can do harm, or stand in harms way. Wisdom is knowing when hold and when to release. That is our struggle, and sometimes, our salvation..

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