I am an Okie. In my early adulthood, my feral days, I caught a ride with a trucker heading east on intestate 40, through some of the prettiest plateau country in the south western U.S.. Stopping for an evening bite at a road-side truck stop, I was asked by another diner where we were heading. When I replied that I was heading to my home in a small town in northwestern Oklahoma, he said, “Oh you better not go to Oklahoma! Cause you’ll get stupid.” I politely replied to this obvious insult to my Okie heritage, “Oh wow it sure seems like you have already been there.” Of course he didn’t get my insult and I paid my check and was on my way. The common rumor has always been that Okies were stupid. I lived with this cute prejudice my whole life and it was fading from the common lexicon. Then this idiot Okie, Elizabeth Warren showed up. All I have to say to this is DUHHHHH.Image result for eLISABETH wARREN

Below is a vid by Stephen Crowder, it is a funny look at this clowns claim to be a native American.

It would rate as a fairly harmless bit of bullshit if she hadn’t used her so-called native American Heritage to her own benefit!

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