In the old nursery rhyme “Three blind Mice”, the farmers wife “cut off their tails with a carving knife.”. Too bad such swift and sure consequences can’t be applied to the bushwhacking that is happening in Judge Kavanaghs confirmation hearing for the supreme court. After the body of hearings is complete and just before the votes to confirm or reject Kavanagh for the position, a couple of very weak allegations concerning the judges behavior in high school have been sniped from the shadows of the Democratic minorities desperation.  In an act of supreme cynicism Dem. senator Feinstein withheld the allegations of sexual  impropriety till the eleventh hour. Throwing the women’s movement under the bus with events that may or may have not occurred during an alcohol-soaked dorm  party among teenagers over thirty years ago, Feinstein and fellow Democrats are using fuzzy recollections from two uncertain witnesses to paint Kavanagh as a sexual predator.


Neither of the two witnesses accusations reach the level of reasonable doubt or even a preponderance of evidence in impeaching the candidates character. The “not quite certain” accusers do not support each other and neither have any other validating witnesses to back claims that have characterized as a repressed memory on one hand and a not so sure it even happened recollection of another who claimed she may have a memory of such events only after much questioning and coaching by Democratic operatives. Even Sigmund Freud himself admitted that repressed memories are often manufactured by the questioners bias.  

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