Summer Soldiers, and Mega-Pussies


Meet Americas leading pussy Paul Ryan. First to jump ship on Trump after revelation of a hot mike moment where Trump said some lewd things about women…..11 years ago. And this crap about being “sickened”, by the Bully Boys, statements abut women marks him as a true politician…… Do not trust this man….. he will not have your back and will run at the first shot.

Meet the paper “wise guy”…..Lets see what he has contributed to our culture….. A career of violence mongering “wise guy” movies….

Who could pass the squeaky clean test dear reader…you?   (think about it). I am not a Trump lover. I wish he had more class and thought before he spoke. But I am going to vote for him none the less. Because he’s got a pair. He is a bullyboy for capitalism. And there is a chance he can pull this country out of this slow burning depression it been in for the last decade.  Yeah, Trump said some lewd things. Who hasn’t . It is far better than the “open borders, entitlement for votes and my office for quid pro quo play for pay” deals Hillary Clinton has cobbled together  with the worst despots in the world. “With the Saudis?” Come on, get  grip!  They are an enemy to everything we, as freedom- defending Americans’ despise  Her husband was a rapist  this is no doubt ” we have the semen to prove it” and she went after the victims, defaming them to ruination even though she knew the accusations are true, to keep his butt from being impeached. She and her husband have done more crimes against this country and the women’s movement than all the locker room talk Trump can spew. The sell out and ruination of this country are the REAL actions of Hillary Clinton.



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