Spare me  “gotcha” politics.

“THE ANOINTED. I am too righteously lazy to miss the machinations of a fellow grifter shunting a new car to her gravy train. I feel so “Ex post loop”. The story surrounding the Clinton thrust toward 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue drags a couple of bar ditches bristling with the scorched and smoldering remains of countless, scandals, improprieties, stupidities oddities and whirling dervishes    

The weird thing about Hillary’s “foundation” is that it seems so common.  It’s just the same SOB (Standard Operational, Bullshit). And they didn’t even change the pigs lipstick!

P.S. Imagine if you will, Donald Rumsfeld, a former Secretary of State, arranging such Quid Pro Quo arrangements. Suddenly seems more serious, doesn’t it? She was selling favors to our enemies.  Treason?   


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