He mentioned Islam during his inaugural address. It seemed precariously inappropriate for our fearless leader to extend the olive branch, so specifically, and  and in so doing exalt one faith, above all others?!

 A group hug, milk and cookies, get out the mats and it’s nappy time!                 


The screen doors really improved ventilation on our new submarine!


Neville Chamberlain invited world war two in for a cup of afternoon tea while waiting for a miracle. Several million Jews shared tea with Adolf and Neville. Dolf and Nev went home that evening. The Jews have not been seen since.. One might assume they are still waiting for a miracle.

You ever pull a splinter out of you finger? That moment just before you pull it out. Pause, hold for a moment grimace and pull!

It hurts and it takes just a moment to “screw your courage to the sticking point…” You can endure that moment of pain and give it a good yank, or you can spend the next millennia waiting for a miracle.

Wish I had a nickel for every time I have heard people say “I would never just sit there and take it! I would fight to my last breath!” at the sight of a victim, about to get shot. The fact is that most die of denial. Your average person just can’t fully believe that they are about to die. They seem to die WAITING FOR A MIRACLE.



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