I Cannot Change the Channel Anymore


ISIS Bar-B-Ques while the world gasps at the murder of a precious creature…’Cecil’ the lion.

AP PhotoSince ‘Cecil  the lion’ was murdered by the evil “Dentist of Doom”, a little over a month ago: 240 Jihad attacks were committed in 22 different countries. Over 2000 deaths have been connected to Jihad. Critically injured are about the same, a little over two grand in injuries in the month since Cecil was callously dispatched to eternity.

CECIL THE LION  gets an AP dispatch this A.M., over a month since his demise. HAVE YOU HEARD anything about the ‘average month’ of killing along the bloody edge of the war on civilization.That Cecil et.al. (‘issue’ stories that are not particularly of historic significance, ya know anything Kanye West might garble) is not the greater shame. The crowning humiliation is that the American public is so easily deceived.  D.U.M.B.

As a child I suffered from many nightmares. Before I would go to sleep, as I lay in bed, I would ‘change the channel’ in my mind to a pleasant thought or event,  recent or future. This seemed to work. But then again, I was a child.   Adults face the fear. AND ACT AGAINST IT.


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