Born on the Black Wind



Concertina wire is being stretched across several areas of Hungarian frontier. a mass of humanity fleeing ,  boiling over from the killing fields of the middle east and heading west. Barring a drastic change in  the trajectory of coming events, Europe’s days are numbered, for they carry the very disease that has them on the run; Islam.



This is the face of victimhood, ergo, it is also a portrait of the anointed master of modern secular society. For to be oppressed imbues the oppressed with undeniable truth*, and limitless power to destroy all opposing evidence.

*The bridge of essence between Truth and Fact have been suspended. Truth is what we NEED it to be, not what objectively IS. A rock is not a rock if we call it a pillow. And the fool that points out the truth that the rock is still just a rock is known, as a “hater” and subjected to very negative consequences.

So the facts become just another theory and the truth is up for grabs. The fact that the third world is pouring over our southern border and the middle east is actively destroying easter Europe by the introduction of a population of immigrants moving west and right out of the sixth century, possessed of a religion of conquerors. (This is the cloistered and silent sub culture we will have simmering in our  heartland) .       



Those who would object are swept aside through the new tribalism of diversity and political correctness.


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