Amateur Hour in Armageddon

Ben Netanyahu circa Yom Kippur War (pic) Spoke at Yom Kippur War ceremony – 2013 Touching on defense of Israel/Sanctions on Iran

He rejoined the military after studying architecture at the Massachusetts institute of technology.  As team leader to an elite special forces unit of the IDF, he was involved in many cross border raids around the time of the War of Attrition in ’69 – ’70.  He fought in the Yom Kippur war of ’73.  Following sterling military service he entered politics and has served for the past three decades plus in various official and defense capacities up to and including the presidency of Israel.

Obamas’ resume’ includes  “organizer”  as a job.  He was elected to the Illinois legislature after his opponents lost by default.  Then congress.  He was absent or abstained the great majority of votes.  He quit congress before his term expired to run for president. That’s it.  That’s his relevant life experience.  Obama has just snubbed Netanyahu again.

The following vid concerns Congress unilaterally inviting Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before congress concerning both Islamic extremism and the nuclear threat from Iran.  The fracture in the relationship between the executive and Legislative branch of our government has become a gaping wound.  Majority leader Boehner’s action in inviting Netanyahu without informing the oval office shows how broken our government is.  And how alarmed both congress and Israel are at Obama’s grandstanding with the fate of Israel first on the front line. He suffers under the delusion common to the narcissistic character.  In believing that he is special, that of all the capable men who have worked to contain Iran it is he, the Great and Powerful Barak Hussein Obama who has the special insight to turn the tide. An Iranian ICBM has been a reality, possibly since last summer. Israel they already are capable of hitting with a warhead.

So he has decided to go it alone in negotiating a deal over nuclear arms with a nihilistic fundamentalist theocracy.

Iran has been shrieking that they are going to annihilate Israel at the first opportunity for years.  They are convinced that God has chosen the mullahs of Iran to start the ball rolling on the final battle, Armageddon.  And they really, really mean it.


This blogger knows how many people can be expected to fit into the bedrock sub – basements of a the grain elevators that stand at the north edge of his home town of Alva, Oklahoma.  I know because that is one of the realities of  I was raised under during the “cold war”.  Between Russia and the United States, we could  scrub the earth clean of civilization dozens of times over.  But there were safeguards in place on both sides and death seemed a terrible thing to all involved parties back then.

I feel more jeopardized now than I did as a seven year old practicing civil defense drills in school.

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