Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark speaks truth to power with an unvarnished integrity and sound moral compass. He stands as a stalwart American and provides a comforting break in the  cloud of corruption that befoules the air around the Obama administration. With the collusion of the fourth estate, Mr. Holder has deliberately inflamed every racial conflict he plucks from the days headlines. Obama, America’s ‘Munchausen – by – Proxy’, is forever delighted at the inflammation that comes from each personal tragedy he worsens by design.


Even when interviewed by such dubious characters as Alex Jones, when Larry Elder speaks, liars tremble and righteous men listen.. This straight shooter has been kickin’ quite a while and knows more than most. His vision, judgment in finding  the essential angle, and matchless courage have served as an inspiration and muse for this journalist. This video is rather long but I promise you will watch it more than once if you give it half a try.


  POTUS and head race baiter Barack, “Is Ferguson burning?” Obama is not stupid when he makes what appear to be dangerous and irresponsible statements to the public. He is actually preaching to the choir. Only people who can benefit Obama even exist. He is insulated by so many layers of similar thinkers and sycophants that he has come to regard anyone who is not on board as an’ infidel’. And everyone knows that an infidel is not worth worrying about.


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