I am concerned about the women who will be captured. Things will not go well with them. If a fighter dies at the hands of a female he cannot go to heaven and get his virgins. They will want to send a message to women to scare them away. They will do horrible acts and be quite public about it in an effort to frighten women from fighting.  The thing that is guaranteed to make a jihadi fear death is a woman on the trigger.

But a lion-hearted woman is a beautiful thing. A woman who  understands and carries the values of men is a universally cherished woman. Though feared by the weak man. And a work-out for the strong man.

As I listened I heard beliefs that were as cosmopolitan as any I have encountered. When the Female officer spoke of the universality of their quest against evil incarnate, I felt the common rhythm of the soul of man. though I’m hoping each female fighter carries a chek -out grenade just in case.


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