One piranha is a painful bite and a painful little chunk out of your carcass. A large school of piranha, however, is the  agonizing death of a thousand bites.  ISIS has, in  declaring a caliphate of conquered territory,created a rally point for the world jihad movement.  Their numbers are swelling as the bad, the worse and the stupid scramble to sign up and splatter.  A coalescence of the desperate groups into a single minded world  terror matrix is evolving as a natural new paradigm. Not good. Bad! Bad! Bad!  

It’s difficult enough dealing with a few incidents. Our culture can flex enough to accommodate an occasional bombing, train wreck etc. But quenching a constant calendar of simultaneous  fires will wear down any cultural system.   Our bucolic life in a peacetime America  may soon be a fading memory. We may live as the battered spouse to the Jihad,  shuffling along, hollow-eyed and spirit numbed.  Will we live as  a ragged renegade on the run. Always looking back over our shoulder.    Before sunning at the beach, will we pause to take a quick look around before lying back? Will we scan that sidewalk café, decide it’s too attractive a target and  just move on? Will we be a nation with ‘the thousand yard stare;  scanning  shadows in the tree line?     Will we pass each night with one eye open? Will Santa still deliver in our neighborhood?

We don’t have to suffer annihilation to lose the America we love.  We just have to fail to act now, when the numbers are manageable..  As more recruits swell their numbers, they  become stronger. And with  every unobstructed conquest they are emboldened and empowered. So kill me as I kick and scream I will not wait for  miracle that will never come. Take a quick look around the solar system, We are it. There is no one else to do the job.    So let the Hell – Spawn  perish now, in the cradle.



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