No surprise here.  All politicians are utterly consumed with themselves. Culling a winning amount of approval from the unwashed masses requires a juggernaut of ego and self-promotion.  And the more a campaign relies on rhetoric rather than a history of achievement, the greater  the need for deception weaved into the message.

Obama is the poster boy for a new play that opened at the moment of his inaugural. The play, ‘How to Be Made Leader of the Free World Without Really Trying” reveals techniques invaluable to a the modern  socialist despot.    In this instance the helpful main stream  media has consented to step aside, turn away and assume the ‘position’. The ‘position’ requires standing with your feet planted at shoulder width, eyes tightly closed, fingers  deep in your ears and ultimately, your head buried in  the sand. This is the only way an entire campaign for president can happen without a thorough vetting of his work history. Harvard transcripts sealed, and work history ignored by the MSM,  never won a campaign in his life and  a congressional seat  won by watching his opponents disqualify themselvess. Obama really is the Lone Stranger!

His predecessor, though not the sharpest tool in the shed, had the humility to select a competent team to advise his actions. Obama will go it alone. He will balance the fate of three hundred million people on the tip of his EGO.







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