Sometimes they sound as if they had been beguiled by an enchantment. The fanatic and the hollow repetition of platitudes in lieu of reason.  Reasoning as Dogma does not have to be learned each day. No personal revelation to provide passion. Just listen to the rote delivery, flat and without spontaneity.  It seems that there is a little “Baghdad Bob” in every Muslim

In our  battle for Baghdad during the Saddam Hussein ousting, the information minister, affectionately dubbed ‘Baghdad Bob” by the media, stood on a rooftop in downtown Baghdad  and gave outrageously inaccurate reports on the war. His news conferences became  light comedy relief as he described Americas defeat at every turn.

An idiot spouts dogma. But, (AND IT’S A HUGE BUTT) a savvy media manipulator knows if you repeat something loud enough and long enough it will become reality through consensus. Enjoy the video. It’s a gasssss.!



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