In a rush the main stream media has pilloried Axelle Despiegelaere, World Cup model of the ripe old age of 17. Headlines such as Yahoo’s, “World cup model…causes an uproar with CRASS hunting photos… ”  Oh! Lord give me a culture that hasn’t been so emasculated! The left, having  infiltrated and conscripted media in America, can always rely on their running-dog-lackies  to carry the message for them.

The neo-puritanical society that prevails in  tuning media messages hates guns and the people who hunt with them. Any skill or activity that indicates independence and self reliance is forbidden. So in order to feel that their world is in balance the reliant person must be marginalized and made to appear dangerous.

Truth is what I tell people. Any lie will do if it works to further my agenda. Good day!….Such is the creed of the Main Stream Media.



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