This post is pure self-centered boasting  as well as  a precautionary tale about progress and judgment.  As a proud owner of a 1911 I was never swayed by the unsubstantiated rumors that led shooters into the 9 mm craze and subsequent shame at having been so duped.

In all things a good judgment of quality and attention to track record is invaluable in judging outcomes. Against the onslaught of snide comments about having twice the magazine capacity than my 1911. Find a story of an average gunfight and I bet you can’t find one article on how a 1911 ‘ran dry’. Most gunfights are over in seconds, they happen with only inches between the shooters, and body mass is as accurate as you are going to get.

SIZE MATTERS? The FBI agents involved in the 1986 shootout of two robbery suspects in Dade county Florida would confirm that size, (in this case, caliber) matters. The suspects took multiple hits  of 9mm pistol ammunition and still  kept coming.. Even outnumbering the suspects four to one did not prevent two FBI fatalities and five others wounded. The FBI started looking for a more powerful round than the 9mm.

Eleven years after, two bank robbery suspects, armored from neck to foot, engaged in a running shootout with police in which they out gunned the officers responding. The city refit the officers with .45 caliber handguns for good measure.

In a world that capriciously pursues the ‘next big thing’, much of quality is thrown out just because it has been around a while. And more dangerously, we adopt the next ‘thing’ in a heart beat. Never giving the consequences a second thought. That’s why Coke says Classic Coke rather than just ‘Coke’ on the can. It wasn’t broke. Somebody fixed it. Everybody hated it. Coke was brought back as “Classic”.

 L.B.J.’s  ‘Great Society’ has birthed the ‘Great Dependent Society’. Now the problems it sought to solve are ten times worse. Whoops “shoulda thought it through!”

The moral to this story is that what is called progress doesn’t always turn out to be better. This is very evident when one considers all the failed social experiments the left always precipitously initiates. I guess if I want it to happen then it is invariably good and should be pursued relentlessly.


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