If you want to see a defensive overreaction, accuse a drunk of being alcoholic. Dr. Ben Carson, the picture of restraint and quiet dignity angered Whoopee Goldberg on ‘The View’ by asserting welfare dependency is  a bad thing.  Whoopee has aways touted her time on the dole as some red badge of courage or moral superiority.  It is this inversion of values that stands to swell the numbers on the dole. Where the core American values included stubborn individualism, a belief in work and individual achievement, now blaming others,  dependency, and sloth  are the standard for many Americans. We have more people taking from the government than at any other time in our history. It appears the basic nature of the American is devolving into an infantile state of helplessness. All of which has been gilded and made sacred by the progressives.

Whoopee reveals the strange stance of taking pride in helplessness. She becomes a bit shrill and all the while  Dr. Carson sits patiently and listens. Again an attempt at reason is blocked by emotionalism as MS. Goldberg spirals to a chest thumping crescendo.

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